Non-Injectable Wrinkle Prevention - Is It Possible?

Non-Injectable Wrinkle Prevention - Is It Possible?

How Did SiO Beauty Get Started?

She started noticing wrinkles on her chest in her mid-20s. Former model, fashion publicist and SiO Beauty Founder, Gigi Howard, took matters into her owns hands - she set out to find a solution for the wrinkles that resulted from being an avid side sleeper and napping enthusiast. I can deeply relate to this - sometimes when I look in the mirror, after waking up, my face resembles that of someone who just went to battle, not someone who enjoyed blissful sleep. This leads to a full on facial massage session for depuffing and stretching facial muscles - which I don't always have time for!

A physician friend introduced Gigi to the benefits of medical grade silicone, which has long been proven to heal scars and burns. It look over 180 prototypes, 2 clinical trials and 4 years of development before she would perfect the ground breaking SiO patch technology.

How Do SiO Beauty Patches Work to Eliminate & Prevent Wrinkles?

The multi-use, medical grade silicone patches gently compress skin to stay flat and smooth. They also create an intensely hydrating microclimate between the patch and skin - moisture is drawn up from lower skin layers, allowing the skin to plump and smooth itself.

Diminished collagen, harsh environments, sun damage and dehydration cause a collapse of the skin's structure. When you occlude areas with SiO Beauty patches, those areas are able to rehydrate using natural moisture to restore skin structure.

How, When & Where Do You Use the Patches?

The BrowLift patch is how I was turned onto SiO Beauty. I kept noticing the dreaded 11s (the vertical lines above my nose and in between my brows) in the morning. Luckily, I could massage them away during my morning routine but I knew that the repetitive stress to that area would eventually become permanent. I use the BrowLift patch 3-4 times a week; usually at night but I've been known to sit through a Zoom meeting with it on too.

You simply peel the patch from its storage shield and place it onto your freshly cleansed and dried brow area. I go to bed, wake up and peel the patch off. I gently wipe off any residual oil on the patch before replacing it on the storage shield. I store the patch in the resealable pouch that it comes with and can easily get at least 10 uses from one patch.

Of course, we're very focused on hand care at Sesen so adding the HandLift patch was a no brainer. We also carry the Eye & SmileLift patches, as well as the NeckLift (all areas of concern for our client base when it comes to wrinkle prevention).

Why I LOVE SiO Beauty Patches?

I don't have anything against injectables, but I'd like to put it off for as long as possible. I especially love that the patches are multi-use; less waste and more bang for your buck. My absolute favorite thing, though, is that the products don't interfere with my busy lifestyle. I'm the consummate multi-tasker and appreciate that I can wear them while sleeping or I can wear them while I'm working.

Gigi was inspired to find topical, non-invasive anti-aging alternatives to injectables. SiO Beauty's philosophy is to produce products that are simple and that provide proven, affordable and safe results.

As an Indie beauty brand founder myself, I love a good founder story. When I source products to include in our offerings, I want them (above all else) to be effective. I cut through the marketing fluff and get straight to the point - what is it, what does it do, does it answer a real need and does it work? And SiO Beauty products deliver. And, better yet, they deliver quick results.