A Note From Our Founder

The idea for Sesen began more than 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my son Tyler. By my last trimester, I couldn’t reach my own feet. This led to searching for a safe, quality pedicure. My choices were limited - the cheap corner chop shop salon or the overpriced “high end” spa - neither was what I actually wanted. And so the seed was planted, but it would quickly be silenced by the reality of becoming a new mom and my return to a corporate accounting career.

A few years later, I found myself searching again for that perfect pedicure experience while pregnant with my daughter Kaitlyn and the results were the same. This time, however, the idea of Sesen kept whispering to me. Despite my attempts to ignore it, to be practical, to tell myself it was too risky, it took root. And so, I gave in.

I spent the next several years researching and studying the industry and the market, while parenting and working as an accountant. All too often the beauty care options in our local market were not only uninspiring, but unsafe. Years of study and practice opened my eyes to the beauty and self-care industry.

Through this learning, I was able to identify voids, gaps and needs in order to create a business model that would challenge the status quo and elevate the nailcare experience.

In 2006, we opened with a signature toxin-free line of nail polish, a rarity for a single-location spa.

It took years of research to get polish manufacturers to even consider helping me to produce a line, let alone a line that was “toxin free” because that would require a major shift from established ingredient lists, manufacturing processes and new testing protocols. When we started, there existed a handful of power players in the polish industry - indie nail polish lines simply didn't exist.

Our tools & implements are sterilized in an autoclave - a level of disinfection not even required by the state board. Our pipe-free pedicure thrones are disinfected after EVERY client service with hospital grade disinfectants - not household cleaners. Gone are the days of questionable sanitation, harsh fumes and odors, generic products and impatient service. Spa services should inspire you, not put you at risk.

While many spas today are touting these safeguards as the “new” standard, we pioneered these standards long ago.

I was adamant that a successful spa owner needed to fully understand the business from the unique perspectives of (1) a business owner, (2) a client and (3) a practitioner. While my life experiences shed some light on #1 and #2, I could only surmise #3. I embarked on extensive and intensive nail care and esthetics training. Hands down, the best business decision I have ever made. Period. The ability to deeply understand the business via these three perspectives is invaluable and has shaped every business decision - from hiring staff, to product selection, equipment deployment and service design.

For example, I desperately wanted a pedicure area that was chic and glamorous. I love the look of cozy recliners but they simply aren't practical. Our clients love the massaging function of the pedicure thrones. Our nail artists love the convenience of having pedicure thrones that are plumbed (eliminating the need to transport water to and from the service area). Waterless pedicures may be necessary (for health reasons) for a very small number of clients, but asking nail artists to perform them on the vast majority of clients is simply beyond the pale. Not only do clients LOVE the relaxing foot soak, the soak is critical to deodorize and soften skin. Viewing the experience through the lens of a business owner, client and practitioner has been so critical.

I am a licensed and practicing esthetician, permanent makeup artist and nail technician. My training goes well beyond the fundamentals. I’ve had the privilege to study and practice under world renowned artists and practitioners in the field. I am a certified Master Pedicurist via my training at the North American School of Podology. Early on in my career, I recognized the need for better education and became a licensed instructor which has allowed me to pass on my knowledge, experience and love for this field.

I am downright passionate about what I do and driven to perfect my craft, discover the latest breakthroughs and deploy innovative technologies in the pursuit of serving clients.

When I say I have more than 20 years of experience, it is not 20-of-the-same-years-repeated. Rather, it’s 20 years of savoir-faire that is constantly advancing, evolving and always focused on uncompromising quality.

Lisa Tep

FOUNDER of Sesen spa

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It can be difficult to articulate into words what makes Sesen so special because, many times, the difference is felt. On the surface, we offer beauty and wellness services that are similarly offered at other spas. But the difference is in how we obsess over the details and strive to ensure that your experience is memorable each and every visit.