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Our philosophy is simple. We tailor skincare treatments that are hyper-focused on empowering your skin’s own ability to heal, repair and regenerate, thereby producing visible and long lasting results.

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Our approach is multidisciplinary. After a comprehensive consultation and thorough skin analysis, our highly skilled and trained skincare professionals combine clean and clinically formulated products with the most effective non-invasive technologies and timeless techniques to deliver truly high-touch and high-tech skincare treatments. Clients “glow-home” with a meticulously crafted and results-driven treatment plan, at-home regimen and maintenance plan.

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Sesen Facials

Sesen Signature

A completely focused treatment, tailored to address specific skin concerns such as sensitivity, pigmentation, acne or environmental damage. These conditions cannot be entirely resolved in one treatment; dedicated home care and regular follow up is necessary. Treatments may employ a variety of modalities such as peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, oxygen therapy and/or LED light therapy. 75 min/$195

Sesen Bespoke

Often considered a ‘complete workout for the skin’, this treatment utilizes six state-of-the-art skincare technologies – microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, cryo-therapeutic oxygen spray, ultrasound, LED light therapy and microcurrent – together to produce a visibly tighter, sculpted and radiant glow. 90 min/$310

Nano-Technology Rejuvenation

A non-invasive treatment, using a handheld device that exfoliates (creating space between the brick and mortar layer of dead epidermal cells), while infusing potent potions that can now penetrate and absorb more deeply. 75 min/$210

Lift & Firm

aka “the natural face lift”, this treatment combines the latest microcurrent technology and LED light therapy to tone, lift, firm and ‘exercise’ facial muscles to reveal a dramatically more youthful appearance. Results are cumulative and can be sustained with regular at-home microcurrent use, supplemented with monthly professional treatments. 75 min/$235

Collagen Induction Therapy

aka microneedling, this non-invasive treatment, uses a handheld device to create microscopic channels via a cross link, circular or stamping motion to allow for optimal product absorption and to stimulate the skin’s own natural repair response to produce new collagen. Includes LED session. 75 min/$295


Maintenance Facials

Acne Focus

A bi-weekly session to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and treat. Includes LED light therapy. 60 min/$125

Dermaplane Focus

Cleanse, a gentle enzyme exfoliant, dermaplane procedure, tone and SPF application. 60 min/$135


Enhancements to Any Facial Treatment


The application of soft silicone cups on the face, at various points, to create gentle suction.. This increases oxygenated blood flow to the immediate area, resulting in plumper, healthier & glowing skin. $30

Eye Contour Lift Patch

The application of a targeted eye patch works instantly to visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, sagging and signs of fatigue. $20

Nano-Infusion Eye Treatment

A non-invasive enhancement service that is safely performed over the eyebrows, entire eye area (including eye lids) to stimulate hair regrowth, lift and smooth lines and reduce dark circles and puffiness. $65

Nano-Infusion Lip Treatment

A non-invasive enhancement service that provides a slight plumping effect and also allows for better absorption of collagen producing ingredients directly to the lips. $50