Paramedical Pedicuring Services

What is a Paramedical Pedicure?

Paramedical is defined as relating to services and professions that supplement and support medical work, but does not cross into specific medical care. The nail industry is buzzing about something called a "medi pedi" (aka medical pedicure). While the term rhymes and is catchy, we believe it is misleading. A nail technician's scope of practice does not allow the performance of medical services - in ANY state.

However, nail technicians who have been properly trained in advanced foot and nail care can provide safe and effective services that far exceed the results of a basic pedicure. These advanced techniques do not fall under medical care, but are rather, specialized, cosmetic and non-invasive foot care that aims to provide instant and long-term comfort. In other words, a Paramedical Pedicure is hyper-focused on addressing non-medical foot and nail concerns in an effort to provide essential foot care for healthy feet.

The Sesen Spa Paramedical Pedicure is a completely customized and advanced service that includes:

  • Consultation, thorough foot evaluation & home care recommendation
  • Brief soak to deodorize & soften skin
  • Trim & file nails (including thick nail debridement & involuted/ingrown nail mitigation, if necessary)
  • Cuticle detailing utilizing a safe e-file technique
  • Thorough deep cleaning of nail folds & sidewalls to remove buildup
  • 4-step corn & callus reduction (not removal!) for smoother skin
  • Hydrating & exfoliating sugar scrub
  • Foot & lower leg massage
  • Application of ultra-hydrating foot balm
  • Application of nail polish (optional)

$90 (up to 75 min)

Thick Nail Debridement

Nails can become thick for a variety of reasons - poor/reduced circulation, injuries, repetitive trauma, etc. - causing pain and discomfort. Nail debridement reduces the thickness (done over a series of pedicures). Not only does this result in a smoother, more natural nail appearance, it effects less pressure on the nail bed (which, in turn, reduces discomfort and pain).

Included in the Paramedical Pedicure; $10 add-on to any other pedicure service

Corn & Callus Reduction

Corns and calluses are thick, hardened skin that develops over time as a way for the skin to protect itself against repeated friction and pressure. Our unique 4-step Intensive Callus Treatment works to safely reduce corns/calluses, while also hydrating and nourishing the skin in order to reduce discomfort.

Included in the Paramedical Pedicure; $30 add-on to any other pedicure service

Ingrown/Involuted Nail Mitigation

When ingrown (corner or side of a toenail grows towards the sidewall) or involuted (nail curls under itself) toenails occur, they can cause pain, inflammation and swelling. Our mitigation process works to catch the nail BEFORE it has punctured the surrounding soft tissue and requires medical intervention. We precisely trim the nail to ensure that the nail (after trimming) sits parallel to the sidewall or lays flat on the nail bed and that no sharp angles or shards remain.

Included in the Paramedical Pedicure; $20 add-on to any other pedicure service

Ingrown/Involute Nail Brace

This non-surgical, corrective service helps to reduce the curvature of a nail. A plastic brace is applied to the base of the nail plate and as the nail grows out, it gently (and unnoticeably) lifts the corners of the nail.

$30 add-on to any pedicure service

Toenail Reconstruction

Common among our athletes - the toenail either partially or entirely falls off due to repetitive trauma or injury. Our process uses a revolutionary gel (that is especially formulated for this purpose) to restore and reconstruct a natural looking toenail.

$40 add-on to any pedicure service


Spa Details


Appointment times are especially reserved for you. Please be prompt so you may enjoy the complete treatment. Arriving late may require that your treatment be abbreviated with no reduction in the service price. As a courtesy, we make every effort to remind our clients of their scheduled appointment time(s).

We will do our best to accommodate even the most spontaneous service request, however, we do recommend making appointments in advance. Appointments must be reserved with a credit card.

Prior to any service, please inform us of any special medical conditions, allergies or medications, as there may be contraindications to some services. We reserve the right to make changes to our services, products and/or pricing at any time and without advance notice.


We strive to provide a relaxing environment for the comfort of all guests. As such, our spa is a smoke and cell phone free environment. For safety and serenity purposes, children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the spa unless they are receiving a service and are accompanied by a parent. Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18 prior to receiving a service.


Should you need to cancel your appointment, we kindly ask that you provide at least a 24-hour advance notice so that we may fill the requests of others. Special requirement may apply for group bookings. Cancellations after the 24-hour advance notice period and/or no-shows will incur a cancellation fee valued at the full service price.


Tipping is always left to your discretion. Unless noted, gift certificates do not include gratuities. Unfortunately, we cannot add gratuities to credit card payments. Rather, we prefer using cash, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal.

Return policy

You may return any unused, unopened and undamaged product within 30 days of purchase, documented by a receipt. To ensure your complete satisfaction prior to purchase, we will provide samples when available.

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