Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo


Cosmetic Tattooing (also known as micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics, semi permanent makeup) is the process of implanting pigment into the papillary dermis for aesthetic purposes. Advances in tools, technology, techniques, pigment stability and formulation (in the hands of a highly skilled and trained artist) produces natural, enhanced or glamorous looks that heal and retain the correct pigment shades.

  • Eyebrows $650
  • Eyeliner $450

*Pricing includes initial treatment and touch up session.

Which Brow is Right for You?

There are many "styles" of cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows, but we specialize in microblading, microshading (aka hybrid or combo) and ombre powder brows. Which style is right for you is both a personal style preference AND a matter of which technique will result in an ideal outcome (based on your skin type).

Microblading is the process of manually depositing pigment, via a specialized microblading tool - a fine, sterile, disposable blade. The key word is "manual" - natural, "hair-like" strokes are manually created. The strokes are usually applied right alongside natural brow hair and are almost impossible to discern. This style is ideal for a client who seeks a very natural look or simply to refine and define natural eyebrows that are already relatively full. Generally, microblading strokes tend to heal less crisp on excessively oily skin types.

Microshading (aka hybrid or combo) starts with microblading strokes (usually at the head of the brow, but can also be applied to gap areas or throughout to fill in all over) and is followed by shading (either manually or with a machine). This procedure achieves both the natural hair-like strokes, but has the added benefit of shading to add depth and dimension.

Ombre Powder is a shading technique that uses a tattoo machine. Unlike microblading, Ombre Powder results in a powdery make up look (not hair-like strokes). The brow tale is darker and fades into a light pixelated front (hence the name "ombre").

We realize this is a big decision, so let us help you understand the options and the procedure specifics. We always recommend a complimentary consultation to review the options and discuss pre- and post-care requirements.