Sesen Skincare School - Episode 8 - Your Dream Skincare Routine

Sesen Skincare School - Episode 8 - Your Dream Skincare Routine

The last 7 weeks of Skincare School have been packed with information and exercises geared towards helping you discover your skin, determining your skincare goals and providing a foundational knowledge base about skincare. Now it's time to tie it all together and to ultimately put you on the path of crafting the skincare routine of your dreams!

By now you should have a solid understanding about your skin and your skincare goals. You should congratulate yourself because so many people don't even get this far. If you're not at this point, go back to Episode 1 and complete the homework. In fact, keep going back to that exercise for focus every time you're tempted to buy the "latest and greatest" skincare gadget or breakthrough product.

Six Steps for Creating Your Dream Skincare Routine -

Step 1: Identify Missing Products in Your Current Routine

Remember this chart (below) from Episode 1? If you didn't list a product, that may be a product that's missing from your current regimen. Refine this exercise, by identifying any products that may be running low and will need replenishment soon. If so, that's an opportunity to try something new (or better).

Step 2: Identify Missing Powerhouse Active Ingredients in Your Current Routine

Yes, this chart (below) was also in Episode 1. Are you missing an important active ingredient in your current routine? Not sure if you should be using a particular active ingredient? Go to Episode 5 where we delve into the most popular ingredients to determine if there's something you should be using.

Step 3: Create Your Wish List

Combine steps 1 and 2 to determine what products and/or active ingredients you are missing to create your skincare wish list.

Step 4: Create Your Shopping List

What's the difference between a wish list and a shopping list? Easy - reality.

Your wish list is probably the "gold standard" in skincare. If your lifestyle, time and budget allow for it, great. Then go for it.

But most of my clients have to refine their wish list. Perhaps you don't have the time to devote to such an extensive skincare regimen? Maybe your budget won't allow for it right now? Whatever the reason, it's okay to refine your list. Remember, go back to your answers in Episode 1 - focus on your top skincare priorities.

You can slowly weave the other items into your regimen later. Better yet, you may be able to find products that multi-task, allowing you to streamline and reduce cost.

Step 5: Do Your Research

Now that you know what you need/want to purchase, it's time to do some research. Use Google, take an online skincare quiz and/or book a consultation or facial with a skincare therapist. Get some help wading through the plethora of skincare product offerings.

Pro-tip: whenever and wherever possible, ask for samples. Try it, before you invest in it. I may be biased, but this is why getting help from an esthetician is so important. Any reputable skincare provider would be happy to help you test out products.

While a product may have rave reviews and works miracles for your neighbor, it may not be right for you. And, unfortunately, you won't know until you try it. While sampling won't uncover issues that may not present themselves immediately, you can rule out texture (it's too oily, etc), fragrance (it has an odd scent, etc) and other preferences right away.

Step 6: Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Every time.

While it may be tempting to buy and use 'all the things" all at once, that can also backfire on you. Slowly incorporate products into your routine to test for effectiveness and/or adverse reactions. That small sample you tried was great, but sometimes issues don't present themselves for days, weeks, even months.

We hope you found our Skincare School series helpful. You've got this! And if, at any point, you run into roadblocks, we're here to help.