Sesen Skincare School - Episode 1 of 8 - Setting (Sk)Intentions

Sesen Skincare School - Episode 1 of 8 - Setting (Sk)Intentions

We've all done it - looked in the mirror, sighed and said "I wish this (or that) was different about my skin". That may have led us to list "take better care of my skin" as a New Year's resolution. Then we hopped on the internet (because that's where everyone goes for the best skincare advice) to do our research. Now we're 4 hours into watching crazy TikTok skincare videos and suddenly we think we're experts. This "research" may have led to some late night skincare shopping and now our medicine cabinet is full of products that we don't like or don't work for us. And we're no closer to understanding our skin, what we'd like to improve and how to do it.

Part 1 of our Skincare School Series provides a method to help us truly understand our skin so that we may set thoughtful skin intentions.

This week's homework handout is a diagnostic template that's focused on:

  • Identifying your specific skin concerns & where they are present
  • Prioritizing your concerns (not only is "fixing" everything all at once not practical, it can do more harm than good)
  • Taking inventory of your current skincare product line-up
  • Determining your product preferences
  • Auditing your active ingredients

As you work through the homework, please know that there are no right or wrong answers - this is about discovering your unique set of circumstances.

Ready to get started? Click here for the Part 1 homework/handout: