Eye Creams 101

Eye Creams 101

There are three places you should observe when wanting to determine someone’s age - their hands, their neck/décolleté and their eyes. These areas are going to be the leading indicators for visible signs of aging.

Why Use an Eye Cream?

The skin around the eye area is fragile - it’s almost 5 times thinner than the skin in other areas of our face and why it is often the first place to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Eye creams are formulated with the same actives found in other skincare products, but at lower concentrations so as to not irritate the delicate eye area.

When you apply an entirely separate product to the eye area, you’re more likely to spend extra time and take extra care for proper application. Many eye creams are packaged with stainless steel tip applicators for precision and a cooling (depuffing) effect.

How to Apply an Eye Cream?

There are different schools of thought on the proper eye cream application technique. I start by placing product at the crows feet area (half a pea size is all you need). I gently dab the cream under my eye and onto my brow bone (I do this to spread the product out).

Starting from the outer corner and working inward, I make small circles under the eye area to ensure product penetration but also to increase circulation to that area. I use firmer pressure on the brow bone - pinching and pressing along the way.

I work as close to the eyes as possible, without getting the product into the eyes. I do work the upper lid area (right under the brow bone), but don’t apply product onto the lower lid area.

In truth, if you don’t have the budget or time for an eye cream, just use your other skincare products but do NOT skip the application technique. Your eyes will benefit from the special massage!

Here are my favorites for whatever condition you're trying to address -

Best Eye Care for Puffiness - look for a formulation that has detoxifying and stimulating ingredients such as rosemary oil or camphor.

Best Eye Care for Fine Lines & Wrinkles - look for anti-aging components such as peptides.

Best Eye Care for Dark Circles - look for brightening agents such as licorice root extract.

Best Eye Care for Dry Skin - look for hyaluronic acid formulations to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Best Eye Care for Those Who Don’t Want to Use an Eye Cream - you may not apply eye cream day and night, but you can still deliver target care to the eye area via eye patches. These patches deliver precise and intense hydration and a plumping effect.