Everyone’s eyes are different, so we focus on customizing a look that complements your eye shape, natural lash length and lifestyle. We use a “classic” application technique whereby each lash extension is applied to each individual natural lash (1:1 ratio) in varying lengths, creating a wispy look that is unique to you but that is (without a doubt!) longer, fuller and completely enhanced. How much longer, fuller and intense is completely up to you and why we highly recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation.

After lash extension application, your natural lashes will continue to grow and fall out normally. You may lose some extensions as you learn to adapt to them. Maintaining your lashes is key to keeping them looking fabulous. The frequency at which you return to have them “filled or touched up” is entirely up to you, but we strongly encourage no longer than 1 month between visits.


  • Come to your appointment completely barefaced. Any artist will tell you that they prefer a clean canvas!

  • Do NOT curl your lashes - curling leaves a crease at the root and make adhesion trickier.

  • Skip that second cup of coffee so you avoid “twitchy” eyes.

  • Be prepared to zone out and relax!


  • You’ve just invested in a beautiful full set of lashes, so take care of them! It takes a day or two to get accustomed to your extensions, but they are much more comfortable than strip lashes.

  • A general rule of thumb is to avoid anything too oily - makeup, cleansers, eye creams.

  • Stay away from mascara (you won’t need it anymore!); even the “extension safe mascaras”. The removal process will just take a toll on your extensions.

  • You may find that you no longer need eyeliner either. But if you continue to use liner, be extra gentle in the removal (micellar water on a Qtip is suggested).

  • Re-think your facial cleansing routine - light pressure, dabbing with precision is strongly recommended around the eye area.

  • Brush your lashes. Every. Day. It takes 5 seconds, but extends the life of your extensions beyond measure!

  • Sleeping on your side or stomach will crush your extensions. Try sleeping with a travel pillow or something that will help elevate and keep you on your back.


Full Set

Natural $150 Up to 65 lashes/eye (90 min)

Classic $175 Up to 100 lashes/eye (120 min)

Glam $195 Up to 140 lashes/eye (180 min)



*Prepay for any 3 and save 15%

Natural Week 1 $45 Week 2 $55 Week 3 $65 Week 4 $80

Classic Week 1 $60 Week 2 $75 Week 3 $85 Week 4 $105

Glam Week 1 $75 Week 2 $90 Week 3 $110 Week 4 $140


A la Carte

Removal $45 Don’t try to remove your lash extensions yourself - that can damage your natural lashes.

Transition $TBD We would be happy to quote a price to fill extensions applied by another stylist upon consultation (which is complimentary!).